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This week we’re sharing the Top Five Destinations and Experiences that Suncierge clients are clamoring for specifically as we roll into 2018. Prepare to be inspired!

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1. Culinary Journeys – Italy and France are a tie. Think savory samplings in Sicily, Beaujolais tastings from Lyon, and cafe cuisine in Puglia and Amalfi coast regions.

2. Rest & Relaxation – Greece for the ultimate escape, please. Gorgeous beaches on islands to get lost in, a little history to appreciate the magnitude of millennia, and mythology to capture the imagination.

3. Domestic and Adventure – Hawaii, especially for the surprising amount of bang for the buck. Swimming with manta rays, watching whales frolick during migration, ziplining over waterfalls, hiking across a volcano crater, and ATVing through the west Maui mountains or around the valley ridge where Jurassic Park was filmed, etc.

4. Far, But Worth It – New Zealand travelers want to explore the lush beauty, friendly people and diversity of adventure by boat, bike, foot, car and air.

5. Most Emerging – Spain and Portugal with Thailand and Croatia as close seconds. Whether by river cruise or land immersion, Spain and Portugal are ideal for those who appreciate culture with liberal emphasis on art, history and gastronomy, but have “done” France and Italy.  Beyond Thailand’s hot spots of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, we know of at least 12 provincial off-the-beaten areas from urban to rural to explore the spas, floating markets, food, diving and more. And pet-friendly Croatia, with its 1000+ islands and mountains-to-sea diversity, is lauded by our most savviest travelers whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not.