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Over a span of 20 years in corporate America, Soper said she was inspired by many colleagues, especially women, who juggle so much in their daily lives. “They were overcommitted, overworked and overwhelmed and could hardly carve out time to plan dinner, let alone a much-needed dream vacation with their partner, family or friends.”

In 2015, American workers forfeited 658 million days of their paid time off to their employers, she said. “This statistic haunted me and prompted me to think about my passion for travel and travel planning for family and friends over the years as a hobbyist. If I could do what I love for a living and help others who crave the opportunity to unplug, refresh and re-bond, what a fulfilling calling.”

The reality is that planning travel, while time-consuming and complex sometimes, is not the hard part of an escape, Soper said. “It’s all that we must anticipate and prepare for beforehand and the avalanche waiting for us upon return.”

So Suncierge, with traveler advocacy as its core mission, provides everything from customized pack-and-wear lists, safe traveler preparation, and turn-key technology packages before travel. Suncierge will even find CPR certified pet sitters while you’re away and stock your groceries for when you return.