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Given it's National Travel Advisor Day, I am feeling compelled to share insight on life as a travel consultant and small business owner right now. 

First, in the chaos of the last couple of months as 590 million travelers have been impacted worldwide*, the north star has remained our clients. Specifically, we are still actively advocating for you to reschedule travel to a future date, freeze or minimize the increase in cost, and move travel insurance policies in alignment with the new dates. For others who must cancel, it means tirelessly negotiating with travel partners for credits, refunds and fair terms. And oh, how we love getting a win in your column. We’ve even waived cancellation and change fees and asked clients to pay Suncierge what you can for services rendered.

Believe it or not, we are still researching and planning a bit of travel in today's context for clients who are yearning to go on their next adventure sooner rather than later. The delicious anticipation of that next drool-worthy vacation is half the fun of travel and irresistible to some during these chaotic times. We encourage you to still dream and sketch a holistic plan for future travels with us in preparation for when it's time to officially get going.

Last, but not least, we've certainly seen our 2020 unravel, but we are resourceful, resilient, and remaining optimistically strategic! This means leveraging the break to secure private investment to ensure we’re here for the long-term (done!), exploring new opportunities to evolve, innovate and pivot Suncierge’s mission-driven business model, digging in for more clarity around your ideal needs and desires, and fine-tuning for efficiency (in process!) - all to create a stronger Suncierge 2.0 version for you when you’re ready. 

While we can't be sure when we'll all be traveling again or which travel suppliers will be intact on the other side of this, we understand that travel risk is going to increase going forward. So we’re proactively refining our portfolio of vetted, preferred partners worldwide while introducing new mitigation efforts in our planning strategy and methodology to protect the quality, safety and wallet for you in the future.


Most importantly, thank you for your ongoing commitment, ambassadorship and support. We are eager to reconnect with you on your travel dreams soon and wish you and your loved ones a safe and healthy time until then.

Sunny regards,