Dreaming of a romantic fairytale? Whether it’s in a fabled castle, on a sun-kissed beach or under a glass igloo, we are professional romance makers, conjuring cozy and cuddle-conducive moments tailored just for two.

Enter Anneke and Andrew.

Our story with this particularly memorable couple started “rather typically” with a dream trip together to France. His brother was having a birthday in Nice, so Anneke and Andrew decided to make it into a romantic getaway by exploring the beauty of Paris and its splendid history including the palace of Versailles, which she was especially excited about visiting. Then they would travel to Lyon, France’s culinary capital, and then ultimately on to Nice, where they would take a day tour to pay homage to one of Anneke’s heroines, Josephine Baker, who is buried in the Monaco cemetery. Their adventure was perfectly customized to each’s unique interest, his in architecture and hers in French culture.

One week before their departure for France, Andrew calls with a little surprise for Anneke as well as us. Andrew would like to propose the day they are touring Versailles and he asks if we had any ideas on how to assist with his lofty vision. We sprang into action with our partners in Paris as if we’d been shot by Cupid, and we reserved a gazebo on the private estate of Marie Antoinette within the Versailles estate along with red roses, a Belgian chocolate cake, champagne and an aid to provide photographic evidence of our coup!

The night before the proposal, we couldn’t sleep because we felt like we had family getting engaged the next day! Andrew and Anneke are Suncierge family, and we are thrilled to have played a part in this unforgettable moment for such a deserving, amazing and beautiful couple. We know they are perfect for each other, as when it’s falling dark and no one is looking, they hold their heads up and hands on to each other.

I am my sister’s maid of honor and Christie helped me book a surprise bachelorette getaway weekend to the Dominican Republic and she TRULY outdid herself! I was so incredibly impressed I asked Christie to plan and book a France trip for me and my boyfriend at the time. AND OH MY GOODNESS! Christie MORE than exceeded my expectations! Her organization, professionalism, and attention to detail were OUTSTANDING! She arranged for things that I did not even know I would need. From the most impressive (reasonably priced and centrally located) and unique hotels, to transportation from town to town or site to site, to tour bookings, airport transfers, and dinner reservations! Just everything! What I didn’t know was while she and I were planning the 2 week France trip she and my now-fiance were planning how he would propose to me at the Palace of Versailles! What a fairytale! She arranged for a private picnic at the Palace! I cannot wait for her to plan our honeymoon! I can’t travel w/o her!   — Anneke

Let us know when you’re ready to plan your fairytale escape!