Let’s face it. As women, we see so may aspects of life through a different lens, and travel is the case as well. No matter how simple or complex an experience we are planning, we always filter using the feminine variable. For example, safety and security during travel are of paramount importance, but we’re painstakingly focused on this especially for our female clients. So when we planned the first mother-daughter trip for Linda and her three girls to Paris, we knew the gentlemen in the family were a little uneasy, especially since one daughter had a little nugget on the way.

With this at the forefront, we vetted every guide and we recommended every tour not only to match their interests but create a reasonable walking pace for the mom-to-be. We selected every transfer for safety and comfort and we chose convenient yet delicious restaurants designed to enhance their experience.  We hand-picked the centrally located, luxurious, historic boutique hotel for their exemplary care and service and because of our trusted friendship with the hotel’s owner that they would look after this family like their own if a situation arose. In fact, Linda was our inspiration for the SunDialer, our mobile app that was a finalist in an international competition for innovation that creates convenience, safety and simplicity during travel.

As fierce, fearless and fun females, these ladies packed an exciting itinerary from one end of Paris to the other literally with expert guides and independently. From morning until evening, they explored and immersed themselves in the rich culture of Parisian art, history, and cuisine while cementing their sisterly bonds.

Google review 5 of 5 
Google review 5 of 5 
Christie put together one of the most amazing vacations that I’ve ever been on. She was very attentive during the planning process and took care of every single detail- from arranging guides, transportation, getting special access to museums, and even making reservations for us at restaurants. We didn’t have to worry about anything. We simply enjoyed our vacation and will be using her in the future!  — Ashley, daughter 
Christie planned the trip of a lifetime with my Mom and two sisters to Paris! Each day was perfectly planned out and all of the fine details were taken care of so all we had to do was enjoy our time together in such a magical city. I would highly recommend Suncierge for any of your travel experiences.  –Julie, daughter
When it’s time for your next girls’ getaway, you can count on Suncierge to go above and beyond for your joy as well as your safety.