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Family Trip with Young Children – Unexpected Excellence

We chose Christie based on a recommendation. Turns out she was exceptional. Yes, she was attentive, prompt and responsive, and that made the trip logistics easy. Traveling with a 4-year-old is a delicate matter, but all Christie’s recommendations took US into account and great choices were offered. But here is the real excellence, when things went wrong, when a 5 Star property turned out to be in the throes of deep decline, Christie was our ally, she was our defender, and she was our fixer. She saved our trip, doing whatever to rebook and assure us the same level of comfort she knew we expected. We are so grateful for her excellence, even if unexpected. Of course, now that we know, we are coming back for more!

J. Travis

Unforgettable Engagement Surprise in France – In one word: AMAZING

I am my sister’s maid of honor and Christie helped me book a surprise bachelorette getaway weekend to the Dominican Republic and she TRULY outdid herself! I was so incredibly impressed I asked Christie to plan and book a France trip for me and my boyfriend at the time. AND OH MY GOODNESS! Christie MORE than exceeded my expectations! Her organization, professionalism, and attention to detail were OUTSTANDING! She arranged for things that I did not even know I would need. From the most impressive ( reasonably priced and centrally located) and unique hotels, to transportation from town to town or site to site, to tour bookings, airport transfers, and dinner reservations! Just everything! What I didn’t know was while she and I were planning the 2 week France trip she and my now-fiance were planning how he would propose to me at the Palace of Versailles! What a fairytale! She arranged for a private picnic at the Palace! I cannot wait for her to plan our honeymoon! I can’t travel w/o her!
Anneke Robinson

Chesapeake Culinary Retreat with Chef Chris Russell

Christie put together a wonderful weekend to the Chesapeake in the fall of 2017. The B&B was wonderful, the adventure on the oyster boat complete with hands-on shucking and tasting on board, the dinners were amazing of course with Chris Russell. Paying attention to every detail is what Christie does best! PS Suncierge is offering a repeat of this trip the spring. Don’t miss it.

Anne Smith

A complicated trip to Europe

I saw an article in the “1808” magazine in the News and Record about Christie and Suncierge. I have never used a travel agent before because I pride myself on planning my own trips. So I was hesitant about how the relationship would work. In a nutshell, Christie was fantastic. She helped me plan a complicated trip to Europe with 5 family members. She asked all the right questions and let me step in when I wanted to. Her expert advice and suggestions were invaluable. Yet I still felt like I was an important part of the process. I will definitely use Christie and Suncierge again and will tell all of my friends. Thank you, Christie!

Laurie LeGrone

New Zealand Ladies’ Adventure


Working with Christie was so easy. She really listened to us and understood what kind of vacation we desired. She sent a comprehensive tentative itinerary for us to review and make changes. Then she took it from there!

She worked with people in New Zealand and they arranged everything! I had an itinerary with confirmation codes, contact phone numbers and on the NZ flights had boarding passes. 3 things stand out for me (other than the spectacular NZ landscape and lovely people!) – All of the excursions were great, the Suncierge App and the local contact to help should anything go wrong. I did have one hotel tell me that it had not been pre-paid. I simply opened my app, tapped on the NZ travel partner for their 24/7 assistance number, it loaded into my phone and I pressed call. I handed the phone to the hotel clerk and it was handled!

Suncierge will take the mystery out of travel and the security of having help a phone call away!

F.K. Hall